Heather and Claudia
I met Claudia in The Bahamas in 1999. Reconnecting with Claudia has greatly inspired and educated me on my gifts of intuition and gently nudged me to explore my own spiritual nature.

In the past 10 years of knowing Claudia, I have been greatly inspired and educated on my own gifts of intuition and gently nudged to explore my own spiritual nature. At 47, I can now discern with clarity, navigate my desires, ask spirit for assistance and recognize that I have grown tremendously as a person through her guidance and past life regression sessions.

She is immediately charming, attentive, confidential and profound. One session with her turns the lights on!

Heather Forde-Prosa


I first met Claudia many years ago at a conference on The Psychic and Spiritual Sciences help in Montreal. At that time she was a successful businesswoman in the Bahamas who was just beginning to discover her abilities as a healer.

Today Claudia has developed into a remarkable woman of admirable qualities whose life is committed to serving humanity. She is a teacher of self development, empowering people to awaken to their fullest positive potential; a healer of exceptional ability who addresses the whole being of body, mind and spirit; a facilitator, inspiring and empowering those she works with to awaken and focus on their true purpose.

In short she is an example of someone who has integrated various healing techniques into a creative practice that benefits those who are fortunate enough to share time with her.

She has helped to facilitate several of my programs in the past and has demonstrated that she is most capable of presenting programs of her own. Her magnetic personality is captivating and her love of people makes her a natural presenter.

Gordon Michael Scallion


Having been a chiropractor for 24 years and a big fan of phototropic breath work, motivational release techniques, as well as conventional therapy I was pleasantly surprised with the Life Between Lives process. I have always loved altered states of consciousness but my experience with Claudia was so clear, visually that there seemed to be no confusion in my body as to the messages being given. I felt as if I was watching a really great movie with a valuable lesson.

Claudia has been someone I have felt comfortable with from the very first moment I met her and I have watched her walk her talk for the past six years. She consistently but safely pushes the envelope of life, year after year.

Betsy Vingle


Thank you so much for the LBL session. I really enjoyed getting to know you. I found it very comforting and enlightening. I know the whole amnesia thing does make sense from the greater perspective, but it sure helps to have a few glimpses now and again into what the heck we’re doing here! An interesting system we exist in isn’t it? I don’t think we incarnate here on Earth to be bored, that’s for sure!

Elena Gallenberger


In the years I have known Claudia, she has impressed me most with her deep desire for soul growth and personal growth. Claudia is a most radiant, inspiring and loving soul – inside and out! Claudia and I met professionally when I requested a past life regression session, as well as hypnotherapy sessions meeting my higher self and a Goddess I feel I am an aspect of. She has helped me advance in my soul growth and to move toward being “On purpose” in knowing my soul’s contract with God.

Personally, she is delightful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dedicated to her life soul purpose in serving others.

Shirley Nicholson


The LBL experience was very powerful for me, something I will carry with me until for a long time, at least.  I have had past life regressions, and guided ”journeys”, but this experience stands out for the depth and detail.

I particularly appreciated the procedure developed by Dr. Newton that obviously influenced the experience.  Combining that with Claudia’s sensitivity made the experience something that helped me connect many dots in my awareness.  I had no doubt Claudia was right there with me, and able to facilitate my awareness of the opportunities as they came up, and they sure did.  

It is hard to describe what it actually did for me, but I can say, it had an effect of grounding me, as strange as that might sound.  I felt substantially stronger, emotional and mentally after the experience.

Rick T


Thank you Claudia for an amazing session. It surpassed any, and all, of my expectations. You created such a safe and welcoming environment, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was easy for me to relax and open up to expanded levels of consciousness. Your soothing voice guided me, and I was able to soar. It was so easy!!! You also intuitively knew when to expand on the questions to explore further depths of understandings. The connection to Spirit was so strong, that I felt the higher energy in my body. It was very powerful, and came through me loud and clear with no hesitation. It was clear and pure. This is a blessing! I feel more confident in myself, and in my abilities. I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you again.

In service to the Light,

Anita B


“You moved my Soul in a direction most of us miss. I am grateful for you every day.”



Hi Claudia,

Thank you so much for the blessings. So happy to hear from you. I had such a nice restful sleep last night. I am still thinking how awesome it was that I was able to have the experience of remembering my time in Greece. I can see bits and pieces of it so clearly now. I am just relaxing and letting it all come and unfold.I am so happy I was able to have a session with you and also finally meet you.cla I know this is just the beginning.I feel different but good but yet I can’t quite describe what it is I’m feeling. All I can say is there is something new and wonderful about me. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I will keep you informed on how things are going.Love and Blessings to You.



In all honesty when I was introduced to this, I had no idea what to think as I had not been familiar with Past Life Regression. I whole heartedly accepted the invitation, did some research and attended the workshop with an open mind. That was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Prior to this workshop, it was difficult for me to enter a deep meditation, so I was a little concerned initially. Claudia was absolutely fantastic. From the tone and calmness of her voice to the exact words used to assist in me getting to the point that I did with my visions, I am still amazed.

This exercise confirmed things that I always wondered about. It gave me a surety of who I have been, who I am now and who I can aspire to be. My eyes have been opened to a new world and I am eternally grateful to Claudia for this ongoing confidence and assisting in showing me my true self.

I would recommend that any and every one interested in evolving to do Past Life Regression as it is a great way to open the doors into becoming one’s true self.

Love and Light,



I could never say enough good things about Claudia and what her guidance has meant to me after the recent death of my wife. Although my wife and I had been exploring spirituality and reincarnation for the last several years, the opportunity to explore with a guide never presented itself.

The method that Claudia used for both my past life and between lives regression resulted in me going from anxious to calm after finding out that my wife was indeed my soul mate and that we had had hundreds of previous lives together. It was the most incredible experience that I have ever had in this lifetime.

Claudia is a master in helping people experience what the soul world is about. My journeys in both the Past Life Regression and LBL were so incredible that my life here will never be the same. I know it was pre-determined for me to seek Claudia out and have her help me during the most difficult time in my life and I now have a much greater appreciation of my purpose here. Claudia and I were a perfect fit.

Claudia, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Jim J