Past Life Regression

Have you ever had the feeling that you already know someone who you just met for the first time? They seemed familiar in every way and you felt immediately comfortable with them. Or, been to a new place and sensed you knew your way around, everything was deeply familiar? These feelings could have come originate from other dimensions of time and space, previous lifetimes.

A Past Life Regression is a journey of discovery and healing taken while in a deeply relaxed altered state of consciousness, most often done through meditation or hypnosis but can be experienced spontaneously.

There has been much research into proving that reincarnation does exist. Ian Stevenson, collected and documented over 2,000 cases of children with experiences of past lives. Edgar Cayce, an early pioneer was able do medical readings while in a sleep state type trance and give advice on health issues often referring to some karmic issue existing from a previous time. People like Brian Weiss, Helen Wambach, Dick Sutphen, Carol Bowman and Edith Fiore among many others have all had bestsellers on the subject and there are many holy and sacred texts of the world referring to the cycles of birth and rebirth.

There are techniques for exploring past lives that bring about profound healings in health and relationships. Some people have spontaneous flashes of other dimensions and aspects of their Soul. This process can help people develop a deeper understanding of their purpose and lifestyle; it may explain why one is living with a particular handicap or challenge and why we are in certain relationships.

Past Life Regression is simply a tool used to learn how to navigate while in those higher states of awareness. The process is not as much about “who” you were but rather to help one remember at a soul level a lesson learned that can help serve you in some way in your present incarnation and dimension. Awakening to your full potential by opening and expanding your perspective.

Fee: $175