Spirit Guides

Through the years my experiences with the Spirit World have created an understanding that it is very much like the earthly plane and that the old adage, “as above, so below” very much holds true! Spirit Guides are ministering spirits who can influence those they have agreed to help teach and watch over. There are thousands of documents from numerous Holy Scriptures to automatic writing accounts that refer to the spiritual realm as the next dimension, Heaven World, Summerland or the World of Spirit to name a few. Guides are higher or advanced spirits with a strong sense of purpose, they may be Master Teachers, Angels, Arch Angles, Gods, Goddess’s with who we hold an essence or aspect of. They are directing us in our spiritual growth and soul evolution.

They are also helping themselves to progress and advance in their own process in the spiritual realms. I know many people think it is very strange to hear someone say they felt the presence of some spiritual being but I believe that more people experience this phenomena than one would imagine. This whole area of communication with Guides, Guardian Angles, Source, Goddess or God’s can be overwhelming at times and bring out the sceptic in all of us. Often we tend to consider a person claiming to receive such guidance and communication as a person suffering from some mental illness, illusions of grandeur or possible spirit attachment and even possession. These are all possibilities for sure and we have a responsibility to be discerning but we must also try to stay open to the fact that Spirit communication is an ability which each of us is capable of yet possibly not developed, aspects of ourselves not yet recognized.

What I have come to believe from my own experience is, these beings are all aspects of our own soul essence. When we learn how to raise our vibration though such methods as prayer, meditation and developing our own unique alignment with our Inner Higher Self we can easily move into these other dimensions of being and align with that Higher Wisdom.

At various times during our evolution different guides will step closer and impress their influence on us. As we go through different phases in life an entity may step forward and seemingly be closer than the others during that particular phase. Unconditional love and support pervade a true connection with ones Guides from the Higher Realms.

Just as we evolve here on earth and develop that deep desire to give and be of service the same holds true for the World of Spirit. “By their fruits shall ye know them,” is an important truth and are evidences of the Divine in the midst of the phenomena known as mediumship. Just as we should be discerning in our everyday life it is our ongoing responsibility to do so in relation to our communion with the energies of the World of Spirit. Once you experience the presence of your Guides and learn how to perceive their support you will be reminded of your amazing alignment with that great creative energy of Source.

Fee: $175