Life Between Lives

Spiritual Exploration

Imagine that you are a soul who is about to be born. You have been given a grand and precious opportunity to incarnate into a human form using a physical body. You have already gone over your purpose for accepting this opportunity to incarnate. You, your Spirit Guides and Teachers will have arranged contracts with other souls who will be incarnating at the same time and whose interactions and relationship will serve to fulfill your Divine Mission.

One only believes what one experiences for them selves and this process allows for the blissful experience of entering the world of Spirit, reconnecting with soul group who you incarnate with life time after life time, Spiritual Guides of the Highest order, loved ones who have passed on back to your true home. It is here that you may experience profound levels of healing and expanded states of awareness that remind you of all that you are. You will gain a deeper understanding of relationships with the people you have in your life now. Exploring the dimension of Life Between Lives allows one to feel the deep sense of peace and compassion that comes from having a clear sense of purpose thereby moving one into a profound alignment with your eternal self.

Having personally experienced various techniques for regression and spiritual exploration, that taught by Dr. Michael Newton and The Newton Institute is by far the most powerful I have been a part of.
It thrills me to share in this process and I am continually humbled as I witness a soul rediscovering their true essence.

Dr. Newton is the developer of the LBL process his clinical research, which spans some 30 years and over 7,000 cases, is documented in his books, Journey of the Souls and Destiny of Souls. Dr. Newton’s clients and those seen by other LBL therapists trained and certified by The Newton Institute report remarkable consistency in their observations of client experiences regardless of religion, nationality or philosophical orientation. Client’s report that a single LBL session has provided them with enduring positive changes and perspectives that enrich their life and understanding.

When planning for a Life Between Lives session please keep in mind that this is very sacred space we will be working in and we recommend you not plan anything the evening after as there will be much to assimilate. Try to keep your caffeine intake low as you will want to be as relaxed as possible. No sessions will be undertaken while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be given a recording of your session.

You will be asked to bring any questions and a list of people that have been a major influence in your life with just a first name, relationship and a word or two about them. This will enable me to recognize souls you may connect with during the session.

Fee: $950

  • Day 1: 2-3 hours
  • Day 2: 3-5 hours
  • A 50% deposit is requested at time of booking

I am deeply humbled when given the opportunity to accompany someone into the Higher Dimensions and consider this a very sacred opportunity to be of service, as such limited energy exchange of scholarship is offered on occasion based on certain criteria.

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