Each soul comes here with a uniquely different mission and there will be just as many paths leading to the awareness of the purpose of their Being. As we evolve there are stepping stones to help us move to the next level of awakening. Fully aligning to our Purpose is our Divine Right and yet it is too often ignored. If you have not explored these paths please know that I consider it a most sacred opportunity to be of service in your spiritual empowerment.

About Me

Claudia Jean Hilton
I am a certified Past Life Regressionist and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression facilitator registered with The Newton Institute. Trained in NLP, hypnosis, and various meditative and energy practices, I utilize my training and abilities to share the tools for attaining different states of consciousness and an understanding of Spirit. My intention is to empower and enable you to follow your own sacred path to a whole and integrated life. This is your soul’s true purpose for being.

I was born in Miami, Florida. At seven days old my parents crossed the gulf stream taking me to The Bahamas. Like waves on the ocean and in the land of my ancestors, I grew up developing a natural attunement to the rhythms of the earth and Spirit. I have led many retreats and workshops, participated in esoteric tours to Egypt and Peru, worked in Hospice and performed various ceremonies, but nothing gives me more joy or purpose than helping others to follow their own path.

With enthusiasm and joy for life, I am guided by an ongoing fearless yet intensive journey of self-discovery coupled by an ability to move inter-dimensionaly. My eclectic and multicultural beliefs are based on psychic and spiritual experiences with focus on Eastern and Western Indigenous spirituality. I am an ordained Spiritualist Minister as well as an intuitive and energy sensitive. My path is one of encouraging personal responsibility for individual self-inquiry leading to an awareness that dispels self-limiting fears and a understanding of the dying process and the transition we call death.

My role in this unique spiritual facilitation is to share the gifts of intuition and awareness to bring about your own profound inner awakening.